The Field Survey department is for geodesy, levelling, gravimetry and map completion. All of the department's 26 engineers and technicians were involved in the setting up of the 1st order geodetic and levelling network during the 90s.

The main institutional mission of this department is now to upgrade this network in a 2nd order one, by densifying measurements. In addition, the department also:

- provides contour maps at various large scales for public works and factories,
- determines profiles for electricity, water and telecommunications networks,
- completes photogrammetric drafts in the field,
- records measurements made with GPS or total stations

Geodetic points and benchmarks are at the user's disposal. For each point or mark, delivery includes a location sketch geographic and projected coordinates and normal height. The average distance between two points is approximately 25 km: giving a density of one point per 550 square km. With regard to benchmarks, all main roads in the country have been plotted with a density of one point every 1.5 km.
Field Survey

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