The Survey Authority and Land Registration of Yemen was created by law in 1982, from the old Department of Surveying in the Ministry of Public Works. Reorganised in 1991, it is now an autonomous government agency directly responsible to the Prime Minister.

It conducts all aerial and field surveys in the country.

It draws and prints all map coverage of the country in suitable scales.

It carries out geodetic, levelling and gravimetric works in order to maintain the country's networks.

It provides geographic information to all categories of users.

It registers land and ensures the protection of land rights by issuing title deeds.

In addition, the Authority is responsible for surveying and mapping for all other civil or military agencies.

The development of the Authority is technically related to three foreign co-operation projects:

+ A British project, from the beginning 70s to the end of the 80s, completed aerial photography and map coverage of the country at scale 1:60,000 for black & white photographs, and 1:50,000 for maps in English or Arabic from which smaller scale maps have been drawn (see indices in product section).

+ A Swiss project in the 80s created a photo lab and a photogrammetric section in the Authority. In addition, all the Authority's photographs were indexed and a two-sheet map of Yemen at scale 1:500,000 was prepared.

+ Two French projects in the 90s respectively dealt with nation-wide geodetic and levelling network, and modernisation of the agency in the area of digital photogrammetry and mapping.

A brief history of the Survey Authority of Yemen

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