1. Geodetic
+ 8 Ashtec GPS receivers (P12 & Z12)

+ 5 Total Stations and more than 20 theodolites for optical accurate measurements

+ One laser level and more than 10 optical ones for precise levelling

+ Many other measurement equipment like large range distance-meters or gyroscopes.
2. Photogrammetric
+ a A10 stereoplotter from WILD, now upgraded into an analytic device and used with software PRO 600 for stereoplotting

+ a digital stereoplotter on PC

3. Printing and reproduction
+ a HEIDELBERG Speedmaster 4 colour offset printing press

+ a STEGENWALNER Kombi 502 diazo copier

Logistics (a brief selection among the equipment of the Survey Authority)

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+ a photogrammetric scanner DSW200 from HELAVA (see Development and scanning section)

+ a full automatic orthoimages process software

Many other equipment for map updating like:

+ a A0/E 360 dpi colour plotter (BW resolution: 720 dpi)

+ a 36" 400 dpi colour scanner (BW resolution: up to 800 dpi)